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When people call Bone Dry Basements we discuss the water problems they are experiencing and then we usually will set up a time and day for me to come to their home so we can look at the basement together.

When I get there I will ask the homeowner to take me downstairs first and show me where they have seen water coming in and give me any other information they have dealing with water problems they have had. All the information I get helps me determine what were dealing with. Such as does it leak only when it rains? Does it come in right when it starts raining?

Keep in mind, that there are only two ways for water to come into your basement. The most common problem is caused by the water table (or level of the groundwater) rising to the level of your basement floor. When the water has nowhere else to go because of your basement floor, it will find a way to get past the floor. The first place it will show up will be where the floor and the wall meet, with cracks and joints in the floor becoming damp and sometimes leaking also. This type of problem is solved by installing drain tiles inside your home.

The other way water gets in is through the walls. If the wall is leaking in one specific spot, I would then go outside and look for reasons as why the water would be up by the house and if there are signs of a large leak in the wall which I would fix by digging down to the leak and then determine if it needs to be cemented or if a coating of trowel on foundation coating (tar) would be the proper solution to fixing the crack. If the wall is leaking for any length more than one spot, then again the answer would be installing inside drain tile.

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The drain tile system prevents water from coming in from either of these areas. Approximately one foot of concrete is removed at the base of the wall, then the dirt is removed approximately 9 inches deep, this trench is where the drain tile is laid.

This trench is what relieves the water pressure under the floor, by giving the water a place to run instead of rising up to the floor level. After the trench has been dug the block walls have holes drilled into the bottom block. This is what solves the water problem in the walls, as any water that gets into wall from outside would run out the drilled holes and into the drain tile. The drain tile runs into a catch basin known as a sump basket. The sump pump sits in the basket, so when water level reaches a certain depth in the basket the sump pump turns on and water is pumped outside.

Any where we install drain tile we give a guarantee for the life of the home, with a transferable warranty that stays with the home if you should sell. Some other problems people might have is one or more of the corners in their basement leak. This is usually the result of an existing drain tile system installed incorrectly. This can be fixed pretty easily and reasonably, cost wise. Other things that can cause problems can be egress window wells, well rooms, and rooms under the front steps.

I hear comments such as "I don’t think our basement can be fixed because our house is built on an underground stream". This is not the case and there is always a way to dry up any basement. Please give us a call, I will come and give you my proposal. The proposal will state clearly, what work we propose to do, what the homeowner has to do to get the basement ready for us (moving things ect..) How long work will take, when we would be available to start. I also leave you with our references and you can take as long as you want to decide what you want to do.

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I specialize in keeping peoples basements clean and never damaging anything. I love this type of work and look at each basement as a challenge, water against me. I truly believe that you cannot get a better job ANYWHERE! I use the best products and never cut any corners. I have done over 2500 jobs and don't have any unhappy customers. One of the best comments I’ve heard was a customer who bought an old farmhouse and put a lot of money into it to bring it up to the modern codes. “Eric, the money we spent on the waterproofing was the best money we spent on the whole project”. This is what I aim for.